• Stand Up Comedy

    Brandon Ficara has performed in hundreds of venues all over the country for the past decade. Some of the notable comedians he has shared the stage with include Jerry Seinfeld, Damon Wayans, Jimmy Brogan, Jim Gaffigan, Jim Norton, John Diresta, John Melendez and Gabriel Iglesias to name a few.

  • Television

    Brandon’s television credits include 3 episodes as a guest star on “My Name is Earl” as Kevin The Unicorn Man.  He also appeared in “Weeds” as a carnival worker in the “Pinwheels and Whirligigs” episode.

  • Film

    Brandon Stars with Lucy De Vito in a short film he wrote titled “Moving Sale.” Other films he has appeared in include “Hold Music” and “Superlovestarpower 2: The Album Project.”

  • Commercials

    Brandon booked his very first audition to play an Ultra-Trekkie in the Aleve Super Bowl commercial with Leonard Nimoy.  He also appeared on MTV in a Promo for the MTV Movie Awards with Adam Sandler.