Halloween alone can make October a pretty good month to laugh.  There’s nothing quite like seeing Bill from Accounting dressed in drag with a cigar hanging out of his mouth.  Batman throwing up in the bushes is always good for a chuckle.  It’s been a couple of thousand years since anyone actually needed to learn how to wrap a toga to get ready for work in the morning, so this can result in a lot of ‘WHOOPS!’ moments ranging from tragic to hilarious.  While all of these things can help fill the laugh tank, let’s be honest, hostile takeover of a holiday meant for children can wind up being kind of sad.  Adding booze helps, but only to get that image of the frontal bulge in the leather mini-skirt out of your head.   Face it, Zorro, Cleopatra ain’t buying what you’re selling and you’re gonna end up home alone with your sword in your hand.  Again.  Why wait until the end of the month for hilarity and mirth?  You can have all of the laughs you want all month long.   While the weather is cooling off, Brandon is heating up with a busy month of stand up.  Here’s the lineup:

Oct 5- The main room at The Comedy Store:  details

Oct 6- Xtracted Film Fundraiser:  details

Oct 15- Meatballs of Comedy details

Oct 23- Comedy Shocker at The Mint : Anand Vadehra Benefit Show details

Oct 26- The Crippled Kings of Comedy: details

Oct 30- The Crippled Kings of Comedy at the Improv: details


This is a great month to catch Brandon doing what he does best (making people laugh…not the other thing)  It’s also a fun and affordable night out!  We all know the economy sucks.  While the government does a lot of talking, Brandon delivers affordable entertainment.  You can even come to the show of your choice for free!  Here’s the offer as posted by Brandon on facebook:

I have the Best Fans in the world! To Show My appreciation I’m going to give away 2 tickets to every show I do. here’s how I’m going to do it. post a pic of me on stage from any show you attend and I’ll put your name into a lottery. once you win you can choose any show I have booked or wait for a show that’s convenient for you. Remember to tag me in the pic. Some clubs don’t let you take pics. grab me and get a pic with me off stage. I hope you all know how much your support means to me.

There you have it!  A way to enjoy yourself that doesn’t require skipping meals or giving out parking lot hand jobs!  Not enough for you?  Want even more free stuff?  No problem!  We are still offering a free download from our upcoming online store.  All you have to do is sign up for our mailing list.  How easy is that?